A voodoo doll made of burlap, with buttons for eyes, pierced with many needles right throu

I Forgot That You Existed:

Amy Has Words

When Times Get Tough - Get Funnier

“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.”


Don't Give Up...

Hello all - I have not given up this blog - this next entry has just been a really hard one to write. It is reliving a trauma that was a...

My Spite and Tears

The next few days I seemed to struggle with wanting T to live the life he needed to live and wanting to pull him close to me and show him...

Stars Around My Scars

I returned home from Maine with hopes of reconciliation and a plan to help T get more sleep and less stress. I had spent the weekend...

It's Not You - It's Me

You know when you are on a bad acid trip and there are points when you realize you’re on a bad acid trip and you think, “Oh fuck...this...


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